Retail Investments

GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor follows and accompanies the customer who intends to operate in the real estate investment sector, both income and development, through the experience of highly qualified professionals ensuring global strategic consulting and assistance in Italy and abroad.

Choosing GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor means relying on highly specialized professionals operating in the retail real estate market in a lean, fast and transparent way.

Maximum attention and professionalism
in the management and development of
successful real estate investment projects.

The aim is to identify solutions that are perfectly suited to companies, funds and private investors who want to operate in this market, ensuring the analysis and constant research of the best commercial positions.

The specific knowledge of the national and international market allows to assist investors in all phases of this very delicate process:

Search for the property and spaces
Real estate feasibility analysis
Marketing and income

The Real Estate Agency GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor employs a team of professionals with a deep knowledge of the real estate market, able to offer an accurate evaluation service specific to each type and problem of the sector:

  • Commercial evaluation and strategic analysis of individual properties or real estate assets, both residential and non-residential
  • Income analysis of individual properties or real estate assets, both residential and non-residential
  • Renegotiation of rental fees.

Gieffe offers exclusive commercial properties, drawing on its private network and submitting to the customer quickly real estate opportunities guaranteed and perfectly suited to the specific requests of customers. It puts at your disposal its experience in the management of administrative and bureaucratic procedures, supporting you in the technical-administrative management, in the production of the documentation of feasibility studies and in the planimetric surveys.

Gieffe is an active network on the whole national territory. The constant monitoring of the sector has allowed the development of a meticulous mapping of the locations in all the main cities in Italy, network of operators in the sector that extends in a capillary manner throughout the country, with the aim of identifying the ideal property for each project in a very short time.

The preliminary phase of listening to the customer and analysis of the possibilities is a fundamental aspect to be channeled into a streamlined and effective process that leads to the implementation of the proposal in a short time. By virtue of its corporate and financial career, Gieffe enjoys trust and privileged relationships with some of the most important credit institutions and funds.

The knowledge and analysis of the market allows to carry out detailed preliminary studies on the suitability and feasibility of each investment.

These basic activities, entrusted to professional skills, allow us to respond to customer needs by proposing exclusively perfectly suitable real estate products.

Each proposal is formulated to respond to the specific objectives of investors and is accompanied by precise legal and administrative technical documentation as well as preliminary studies on the feasibility of each investment, making everything simpler and more fluid.