Sell your retail activity

Define the real value of your business.

Do you want to sell and know the real value of your business?

We can carry out an inspection at the activity in question with the utmost discretion towards your employees, customers and partners, through a specific analysis in a totally free way and without any commitment to the applicant, a professional assessment will be issued that will take into account all the features profits for the valorization and negotiation of the activity.

Each evaluation follows the comparative analysis method, that is the in-depth study of the market in order to detect the value of the activities based on the price of offers in the same geographical area and other parameters (not least the collaboration with established professionals who can provide the documentary evidence of the negotiations concluded, and specifically:

  • the location and the neighborhood in which the business is located
  • the state of conservation of the building and of the spaces being analyzed
  • the commercial area and the distribution of the rooms as well as the degree of restructuring
  • the plan, the exposure and all the coefficients useful for determining the market price
  • the marketability of the activity at the time of the market and the ante evaluation estimate with an eye to the trends for the future
  • in-depth analysis, in-depth due diligence, evaluations regarding the sale of business units and sale of company shares and any other case concerning the sale of assets.

The Real Estate firm will then provide every element to guarantee customers the utmost peace of mind in buying and selling by retrieving the cadastral and urban-building documentation of the property, with the study of the plans, complete with calculation of the surfaces and analysis of each transformation criterion or change of destination of use.

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Gieffe is specialist in the sale of real estate and commercial activities

Gieffe Patrimoni RealEstateAdvisor helps its customers with targeted sales guides studying the best price, what are the strengths of your property and what makes the difference for buyers willing to contact you.

It is a specialist in the sale of offices and commercial spaces, our experience in real estate advisory allows us to take advantage of different channels to find the buyers most suited to your offer.

Draft a complete documentation of your activity through photographs, layout of the rooms and other tips to increase your sales possibilities.

It makes use of the most important banks and landlords, to facilitate your investments.

It guarantees pre and post sales assistance through its specialized staff.