GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor based in Turin and London is a real estate firm that designs strategies and methods aimed at creating value.
For us, creating value means providing high quality services in real estate consulting and brokerage.
Guarantee the best and most effective marketing strategies with high professionalism, thanks to a long experience and a team of established professionals.
Ensuring operational dynamism, flexibility and speed of response to changes in the market.
Provide methodologies applied to the international market as a whole to meet every needs.
GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor, follows the customer for all types and sizes of properties, from individual units to the large building complex, and specifically:

Associated Real Estate Studio


GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor offers customers structured services of advice and operational assistance in the purchase, sale and lease of residential properties

  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Analysis of housing types
  • Implementation of sales contracts in a short time
  • Alignment of purchase proposals to the market
  • Post-sales consultancy

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor, follows and accompanies the customer who intends to operate in the field of real estate investments, and manages the income of this development, through the experience of highly qualified professionals; provides global strategic consulting and assistance in Italy and abroad.

  • Specific knowledge of the retail real estate market
  • Feasibility studies and market analysis
  • Consultancy in urban planning matters
  • Capillary analysis of the territory and of the reference market
  • Relations with the main lenders
  • Wealth management

Retail. Industrial and commercial property

GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor offers its clients a variety of brokerage services and consulting firms.

Real estate advisory

GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor, is able to offer its customers a wide range of analytical services of real estate investment in its various components for the identification of possible future development scenarios. The activity aims at the search for a potential use, the analysis of the operating procedures and the verification of the feasibility of real estate transactions, providing advice on all fronts.

Property Management Service

GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor can offer its customers an accurate Property Management service collaborating with leading international companies