Associated Real Estate Studio

Gieffe provides customers with global coverage in Europe through the Turin offices for the Italian market (providing real estate transaction services, consulting, residential and commercial management throughout the Italian territory) and London for the Foreign market, focusing on the sale of luxury and prestigious commercial properties.

Supported by industry-leading technology and global market research, GIEFFE PATRIMONI RealEstateAdvisor advises clients ranging from the individual investor and owner to leading international developers and investors, with the goal of improving operations and maximizing returns on investments and on the added value.

Gieffe is a valuable partner in all residential and
commercial markets in Italy and abroad.

Gieffe operates on the sale and leasing of real estate properties both for the residential sector (apartments and lofts, luxury villas, estates and castles, historic houses, farmhouses, land holdings, whole buildings in block or to be divided, commercialization of construction sites with exchange management , real estate transactions in general), which for the commercial and industrial sector (sale and lease in bulk or by splitting of industrial / logistical sites, valuable agricultural holdings, research and identification of buildings with required characteristics, search for areas for building structures industrial, sale or lease of commercial areas in bulk or splitting of commercial spaces or offices, sale of abandoned areas to be reclaimed).


Our strengths:

  • Partnership with professional studies located both in Italy and abroad
  • Study of a strategic patrimonial analysis
  • Income analysis of the properties on which you want to invest

Gieffe works in the field of real estate investment, both from income and development through direct partnerships with established firms and professionals in Italy and England, with due diligence services on real estate companies, analysis of the feasibility of real estate transactions, marketing and income generation , assessment and strategic analysis, also patrimonial, income analysis of individual properties or real estate assets both residential and non-residential.

He takes care of the advisory, as an analysis of the real estate investment and claims to be able to operate strong direct and exclusive partnership with two of the major banking credit institutions present in the European territory, Switzerland and English in particular, help and support in the identification of possible future assessment scenarios in the markets and their changes, and in the management of each service related to Property Management in the strict sense.